X rows of Y total rows in filesystem are suspicious

X rows of Y total rows in filesystem are suspicious

ClickHouse has a registry of parts in ZooKeeper.

And during the start ClickHouse compares that list of parts on a local disk is consistent with a list in ZooKeeper. If the lists are too different ClickHouse denies to start because it could be an issue with settings, wrong Shard or wrong Replica macros. But this safe-limiter throws an exception if the difference is more 50% (in rows).

In your case the table is very small and the difference >50% ( 100.00 vs 150.00 ) is only a single part mismatch, which can be the result of hard restart.

SELECT * FROM system.merge_tree_settings WHERE name = 'replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts'

 replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts  0.5          0  If ratio of wrong parts to total number of parts is less than this - allow to start.  Float 

You can set another value of replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts for all MergeTree tables or per table.


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