X rows of Y total rows in filesystem are suspicious

ClickHouse has a registry of parts in ZooKeeper.

And during the start ClickHouse compares that list of parts on a local disk is consistent with a list in ZooKeeper. If the lists are too different ClickHouse denies to start because it could be an issue with settings, wrong Shard or wrong Replica macros. But this safe-limiter throws an exception if the difference is more 50% (in rows).

In your case the table is very small and the difference >50% ( 100.00 vs 150.00 ) is only a single part mismatch, which can be the result of hard restart.

SELECT * FROM system.merge_tree_settings WHERE name = 'replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts'

 replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts  0.5          0  If ratio of wrong parts to total number of parts is less than this - allow to start.  Float 

You can set another value of replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts for all MergeTree tables or per table.


After manipulation with storage_policies and disks

When storage policy changes (one disk was removed from it), ClickHouse compared parts on disk and this replica state in ZooKeeper and found out that a lot of parts (from removed disk) disappeared. So ClickHouse removed them from the replica state in ZooKeeper and scheduled to fetch them from other replicas.

After we add the removed disk to storage_policy back, ClickHouse finds missing parts, but at this moment they are not registered for that replica. ClickHouse produce error message like this:

At this point, it’s possible to either tune setting replicated_max_ratio_of_wrong_parts or do force restore, but it will end up downloading all “missing” parts from other replicas, which can take a lot of time for big tables.

ClickHouse 21.7+

  1. Rename table SQL attach script in order to prevent ClickHouse from attaching it at startup.
mv /var/lib/clickhouse/metadata/default/tbl.sql /var/lib/clickhouse/metadata/default/tbl.sql.bak
  1. Start ClickHouse server.

  2. Remove metadata for this replica from ZooKeeper.

SYSTEM DROP REPLICA 'replica-0' FROM ZKPATH '/clickhouse/tables/0/default/tbl';

SELECT * FROM system.zookeeper WHERE path = '/clickhouse/tables/0/default/tbl/replicas';
  1. Rename table SQL attach script back to normal name.
mv /var/lib/clickhouse/metadata/default/tbl.sql.bak /var/lib/clickhouse/metadata/default/tbl.sql
  1. Attach table to ClickHouse server, because there is no metadata in ZooKeeper, ClickHouse will attach it in read only state.
ATTACH TABLE default.tbl;
  1. Run SYSTEM RESTORE REPLICA in order to sync state on disk and in ZooKeeper.
  1. Run SYSTEM SYNC REPLICA to download missing parts from other replicas.