There are N unfinished hosts (0 of them are currently active).

“There are N unfinished hosts (0 of them are currently active).”

Sometimes your Distributed DDL queries are being stuck, and not executing on all or subset of nodes, there are a lot of possible reasons for that kind of behavior, so it would take some time and effort to investigate.

Possible reasons

Clickhouse node can’t recognize itself

SELECT * FROM system.clusters; -- check is_local column, it should have 1 for itself
getent hosts # or other name which should be local
hostname --fqdn

cat /etc/hosts
cat /etc/hostname


Debian / Ubuntu

There is an issue in Debian based images, when hostname being mapped to address which doesn’t literally match network interface and clickhouse fails to detect this address as local.

Previous task is being executed and taking some time

It’s usually some heavy operations like merges, mutations, alter columns, so it make sense to check those tables:

SELECT * FROM system.merges;
SELECT * FROM system.mutations;

In that case, you can just wait completion of previous task.

Previous task is stuck because of some error

In that case, the first step is to understand which exact task is stuck and why. There are some queries which can help with that.

-- list of all distributed ddl queries, path can be different in your installation
SELECT * FROM system.zookeeper WHERE path = '/clickhouse/task_queue/ddl/';

-- information about specific task.
SELECT * FROM system.zookeeper WHERE path = '/clickhouse/task_queue/ddl/query-0000001000/';
SELECT * FROM system.zookeeper WHERE path = '/clickhouse/task_queue/ddl/' AND name = 'query-0000001000';

-- How many nodes executed this task
SELECT name, numChildren as success_nodes FROM system.zookeeper WHERE path = '/clickhouse/task_queue/ddl/query-0000001000/' AND name = 'finished';

 finished              0 

-- Latest successfull executed tasks from query_log.
SELECT query FROM system.query_log WHERE query LIKE '%ddl_entry%' AND type = 2 ORDER BY event_time DESC LIMIT 5;

-- Information about task execution from logs.
grep -C 40 "ddl_entry" /var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server*.log

Issues that can prevent the task execution

Obsolete replicas left in zookeeper.

SELECT database, table, zookeeper_path, replica_path zookeeper FROM system.replicas WHERE total_replicas != active_replicas;

SELECT * FROM system.zookeeper WHERE path = '/clickhouse/cluster/tables/01/database/table/replicas';

SYSTEM DROP REPLICA 'replica_name';


Task were removed from DDL queue but left it Replicated*MergeTree table queue.

grep -C 40 "ddl_entry" /var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server*.log

/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log:2021.05.04 12:41:28.956888 [ 599 ] {} <Debug> DDLWorker: Processing task query-0000211211 (ALTER TABLE db.table_local ON CLUSTER `all-replicated` DELETE WHERE id = 1)
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log:2021.05.04 12:41:29.053555 [ 599 ] {} <Error> DDLWorker: ZooKeeper error: Code: 999, e.displayText() = Coordination::Exception: No node, Stack trace (when copying this message, always include the lines below):
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-0. Coordination::Exception::Exception(std::__1::basic_string<char, std::__1::char_traits<char>, std::__1::allocator<char> > const&, Coordination::Error, int) @ 0xfb2f6b3 in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-1. Coordination::Exception::Exception(Coordination::Error) @ 0xfb2fb56 in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log:2. DB::DDLWorker::createStatusDirs(std::__1::basic_string<char, std::__1::char_traits<char>, std::__1::allocator<char> > const&, std::__1::shared_ptr<zkutil::ZooKeeper> const&) @ 0xeb3127a in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log:3. DB::DDLWorker::processTask(DB::DDLTask&) @ 0xeb36c96 in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log:4. DB::DDLWorker::enqueueTask(std::__1::unique_ptr<DB::DDLTask, std::__1::default_delete<DB::DDLTask> >) @ 0xeb35f22 in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-5. ? @ 0xeb47aed in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-6. ThreadPoolImpl<ThreadFromGlobalPool>::worker(std::__1::__list_iterator<ThreadFromGlobalPool, void*>) @ 0x8633bcd in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-7. ThreadFromGlobalPool::ThreadFromGlobalPool<void ThreadPoolImpl<ThreadFromGlobalPool>::scheduleImpl<void>(std::__1::function<void ()>, int, std::__1::optional<unsigned long>)::'lambda1'()>(void&&, void ThreadPoolImpl<ThreadFromGlobalPool>::scheduleImpl<void>(std::__1::function<void ()>, int, std::__1::optional<unsigned long>)::'lambda1'()&&...)::'lambda'()::operator()() @ 0x863612f in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-8. ThreadPoolImpl<std::__1::thread>::worker(std::__1::__list_iterator<std::__1::thread, void*>) @ 0x8630ffd in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-9. ? @ 0x8634bb3 in /usr/bin/clickhouse
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-10. start_thread @ 0x9609 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log-11. __clone @ 0x122293 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log- (version (official build))
/var/log/clickhouse-server/clickhouse-server.log:2021.05.04 12:41:29.053951 [ 599 ] {} <Debug> DDLWorker: Processing task query-0000211211 (ALTER TABLE db.table_local ON CLUSTER `all-replicated` DELETE WHERE id = 1)

So context of this problem is: Constant pressure of cheap ON CLUSTER DELETE queries. One replica was down for certain amount of time. Because of constant pressure on DDL queue, it purge old records due task_max_lifetime setting. When lagging replica