DDLWorker is a subprocess (thread) of clickhouse-server that executes ON CLUSTER tasks at the node.

When you execute a DDL query with ON CLUSTER mycluster section the query executor at the current node reads the cluster mycluster definition (remote_servers / system.clusters) and places tasks into Zookeeper znode task_queue/ddl/... for members of the cluster mycluster.

DDLWorker at all ClickHouse nodes constantly check this task_queue for their tasks and executes them locally and reports about a result back into task_queue.

The common issue is the different hostnames/IPAddresses in the cluster definition and locally.

So a node initiator puts tasks for a host named Host1. But the Host1 thinks about own name as localhost or xdgt634678d (internal docker hostname) and never sees tasks for the Host1 because is looking tasks for xdgt634678d. The same with internal VS external IP addresses.

Another issue that sometimes DDLWorker thread can crash then ClickHouse node stops to execute ON CLUSTER tasks.

Check that DDLWorker is alive:

ps -eL|grep DDL
18829 18876 ?        00:00:00 DDLWorkerClnr
18829 18879 ?        00:00:00 DDLWorker

ps -ef|grep 18829|grep -v grep
clickho+ 18829 18828  1 Feb09 ?        00:55:00 /usr/bin/clickhouse-server --con...

As you can see there are two threads: DDLWorker and DDLWorkerClnr.

The second thread – DDLWorkerCleaner cleans old tasks from task_queue. You can configure how many recent tasks to store:


Default values:

cleanup_delay_period = 60 seconds – Sets how often to start cleanup to remove outdated data.

task_max_lifetime = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 (in seconds = week) – Delete task if its age is greater than that.

max_tasks_in_queue = 1000 – How many tasks could be in the queue.

There are N unfinished hosts (0 of them are currently active).

“There are N unfinished hosts (0 of them are currently active).”

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