Remote table function

remote(…) table function

Suitable for moving up to hundreds of gigabytes of data.

With bigger tables recommended approach is to slice the original data by some WHERE condition, ideally - apply the condition on partitioning key, to avoid writing data to many partitions at once.

INSERT INTO staging_table SELECT * FROM remote(...) WHERE date='2021-04-13';
INSERT INTO staging_table SELECT * FROM remote(...) WHERE date='2021-04-12';
INSERT INTO staging_table SELECT * FROM remote(...) WHERE date='2021-04-11';


INSERT INTO FUNCTION remote(...) SELECT * FROM staging_table WHERE date='2021-04-11';

Q. Can it create a bigger load on the source system?

Yes, it may use disk read & network write bandwidth. But typically write speed is worse than the read speed, so most probably the receiver side will be a bottleneck, and the sender side will not be overloaded.

While of course it should be checked, every case is different.

Q. Can I tune INSERT speed to make it faster?

Yes, by the cost of extra memory usage (on the receiver side).

Clickhouse tries to form blocks of data in memory and while one of limit: min_insert_block_size_rows or min_insert_block_size_bytes being hit, clickhouse dump this block on disk. If clickhouse tries to execute insert in parallel (max_insert_threads > 1), it would form multiple blocks at one time.
So maximum memory usage can be calculated like this: max_insert_threads * first(min_insert_block_size_rows OR min_insert_block_size_bytes)

Default values:

 min_insert_block_size_rows   1048545   
 min_insert_block_size_bytes  268427520 
 max_insert_threads           0          <- Values 0 or 1 means that INSERT SELECT is not run in parallel.

Tune those settings depending on your table average row size and amount of memory which are safe to occupy by INSERT SELECT query.

Q. I’ve got the error “All connection tries failed”

SELECT count()
FROM remote('server.from.remote.dc:9440', 'default.table', 'admin', 'password')
Received exception from server (version 20.8.11):
Code: 519. DB::Exception: Received from localhost:9000. DB::Exception: All attempts to get table structure failed. Log:
Code: 279, e.displayText() = DB::NetException: All connection tries failed. Log:
Code: 209, e.displayText() = DB::NetException: Timeout: connect timed out: (server.from.remote.dc:9440) (version (official build))
Code: 209, e.displayText() = DB::NetException: Timeout: connect timed out: (server.from.remote.dc:9440) (version (official build))
Code: 209, e.displayText() = DB::NetException: Timeout: connect timed out: (server.from.remote.dc:9440) (version (official build))
  1. Using remote(…) table function with secure TCP port (default values is 9440). There is remoteSecure() function for that.
  2. High (>50ms) ping between servers, values for connect_timeout_with_failover_ms, connect_timeout_with_failover_secure_ms need’s to be adjusted accordingly.

Default values:

 connect_timeout_with_failover_ms         50    
 connect_timeout_with_failover_secure_ms  100   



CH="clickhouse-client"   # you may add auth here 
settings="  max_insert_threads=20, 
            min_insert_block_size_bytes = 536870912, 
            min_insert_block_size_rows = 16777216, 
            max_insert_block_size = 16777216,

# need it to create temp table with same structure (suitable for attach)
params=$($CH -h $remote -q "select partition_key,sorting_key,primary_key from system.tables where table='$table' and database = '$database' " -f TSV)
IFS=$'\t' read -r partition_key sorting_key primary_key <<< $params

$CH -h $local \  # get list of source partitions
-q "select distinct partition from where table='$table' and database = '$database' "

while read -r partition; do
# check that the partition is already copied
  if [ `$CH -h $remote -q " select count() from table='$table' and database = '$database' and partition='$partition'"` -eq 0 ] ; then
      $CH -n -h $remote -q "
        create temporary table temp as $database.$table engine=MergeTree -- 23.3 required for temporary table
           partition by ($partition_key) primary key ($primary_key)  order by ($sorting_key);
        -- SYSTEM STOP MERGES temp; -- maybe....
        set $settings;
        insert into temp select * from remote($local,$database.$table) where _partition='$partition'
        -- order by ($sorting_key) -- maybe....
        alter table $database.$table attach partition $partition from temp
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