ClickHouse in Docker

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Important things:

  • use concrete version tag (avoid using latest)
  • if possible use --network=host (due to performance reasons)
  • you need to mount the folder /var/lib/clickhouse to have persistency.
  • you MAY also mount the folder /var/log/clickhouse-server to have logs accessible outside of the container.
  • Also, you may mount in some files or folders in the configuration folder:
    • /etc/clickhouse-server/config.d/listen_ports.xml
  • --ulimit nofile=262144:262144
  • You can also set on some linux capabilities to enable some of extra features of ClickHouse (not obligatory): SYS_PTRACE NET_ADMIN IPC_LOCK SYS_NICE
  • you may also mount in the folder /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/ - all SQL or bash scripts there will be executed during container startup.
  • if you use cgroup limits - it may misbehave (set up <max_server_memory_usage> manually)
  • there are several ENV switches, see:

TLDR version: use it as a starting point:

docker run -d \
   --name some-clickhouse-server \
   --ulimit nofile=262144:262144 \
   --volume=$(pwd)/data:/var/lib/clickhouse \
   --volume=$(pwd)/logs:/var/log/clickhouse-server \
   --volume=$(pwd)/configs/memory_adjustment.xml:/etc/clickhouse-server/config.d/memory_adjustment.xml \
   --cap-add=SYS_NICE \
   --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
   --cap-add=IPC_LOCK \
   --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE \
   --network=host \

docker exec -it some-clickhouse-server clickhouse-client
docker exec -it some-clickhouse-server bash