Backfill/populate MV in a controlled manner

Q. How to populate MV create with TO syntax? INSERT INTO mv SELECT * FROM huge_table? Will it work if the source table has billions of rows?

A. single huge insert ... select ... actually will work, but it will take A LOT of time, and during that time lot of bad things can happen (lack of disk space, hard restart etc). Because of that, it’s better to do such backfill in a more controlled manner and in smaller pieces.

One of the best options is to fill one partition at a time, and if it breaks you can drop the partition and refill it.

If you need to construct a single partition from several sources - then the following approach may be the best.

CREATE TABLE mv_import AS mv;
INSERT INTO mv_import SELECT * FROM huge_table WHERE toYYYYMM(ts) = 202105;
/* or other partition expression*/

/* that insert select may take a lot of time, if something bad will happen
  during that - just truncate mv_import and restart the process */

/* after successful loading of mv_import do*/

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