JSONAsString and Mat. View as JSON parser

Tables with engine Null don’t store data but can be used as a source for materialized views.

JSONAsString a special input format which allows to ingest JSONs into a String column. If the input has several JSON objects (comma separated) they will be interpreted as separate rows. JSON can be multiline.

create table entrypoint(J String) Engine=Null;
create table datastore(a String, i Int64, f Float64) Engine=MergeTree order by a;

create materialized view jsonConverter to datastore
as select (JSONExtract(J, 'Tuple(String,Tuple(Int64,Float64))') as x),
        x.1 as a,
        x.2.1 as i,
        x.2.2 as f
from entrypoint;

$ echo '{"s": "val1", "b2": {"i": 42, "f": 0.1}}' | \
    clickhouse-client -q "insert into entrypoint format JSONAsString"

$ echo '{"s": "val1","b2": {"i": 33, "f": 0.2}},{"s": "val1","b2": {"i": 34, "f": 0.2}}' | \
   clickhouse-client -q "insert into entrypoint format JSONAsString"

SELECT * FROM datastore;
 val1  42  0.1 
 val1  33  0.2 
 val1  34  0.2 

See also: JSONExtract to parse many attributes at a time