Imprecise parsing of literal Decimal or Float64


    9.2::Decimal64(2) AS postgresql_cast,
    toDecimal64(9.2, 2) AS to_function,
    CAST(9.2, 'Decimal64(2)') AS cast_float_literal,
    CAST('9.2', 'Decimal64(2)') AS cast_string_literal

             9.2         9.19                9.19                  9.2 

When we try to type cast 64.32 to Decimal128(2) the resulted value is 64.31.

When it sees a number with a decimal separator it interprets as Float64 literal (where 64.32 have no accurate representation, and actually you get something like 64.319999999999999999) and later that Float is casted to Decimal by removing the extra precision.

Workaround is very simple - wrap the number in quotes (and it will be considered as a string literal by query parser, and will be transformed to Decimal directly), or use postgres-alike casting syntax:

select cast(64.32,'Decimal128(2)') a, cast('64.32','Decimal128(2)') b, 64.32::Decimal128(2) c;

 64.31  64.32  64.32 


    toFloat64(15008753.) AS to_func,
    toFloat64('1.5008753E7') AS to_func_scientific,
    CAST('1.5008753E7', 'Float64') AS cast_scientific

 15008753  15008753.000000002  15008753.000000002