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  • It uses gradient boosting - a hard to use technique which can outperform neural networks. Gradient boosting is powerful but it’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot using it.
  • The documentation on how to use it is quite lacking. The only good source of information on how to properly configure a model to yield good results is this video: . We had to dig around GitHub issues to find out how to make it work with ClickHouse.
  • CatBoost is fast. Other libraries will take ~5X to ~10X as long to do what CatBoost does.
  • CatBoost will do preprocessing out of the box (fills nulls, apply standard scaling, encodes strings as numbers).
  • CatBoost has all functions you’d need (metrics, plotters, feature importance)

It makes sense to split what CatBoost does into 2 parts:

  • preprocessing (fills nulls, apply standard scaling, encodes strings as numbers)
  • number crunching (convert preprocessed numbers to another number - ex: revenue of impression)

Compared to, CatBoost pre-processing is as simple to use and produces results that can be as good as

The number crunching part of is no-config. For CatBoost you need to configure it, a lot.

CatBoost won’t simplify or hide any complexity of the process. So you need to know data science terms and what it does (ex: if your model is underfitting you can use a smaller l2_reg parameter in the model constructor).

In the end both and CatBoost can yield comparable results.

Regarding deploying models, CatBoost is really good. The model runs fast, it has a simple binary format which can be loaded in ClickHouse, C, or Python and it will encapsulate pre-processing with the binary file. Deploying models at scale/speed is impossible out of the box (we have our custom solution to do it which is not simple).

TLDR: CatBoost is fast, produces awesome models, is super easy to deploy and it’s easy to use/train (after becoming familiar with it despite the bad documentation & if you know data science terms).

Regarding MindsDB

The project seems to be a good idea but it’s too young. I was using the GUI version and I’ve encountered some bugs, and none of those bugs have a good error message.

  • It won’t show data in preview.

  • The “download” button won’t work.

  • It’s trying to create and drop tables in ClickHouse without me asking it to.

  • Other than bugs:

    • It will only use 1 core to do everything (training, analysis, download).
    • Analysis will only run with a very small subset of data, if I use something like 1M rows it never finishes.
  • Training a model on 100k rows took 25 minutes - (CatBoost takes 90s to train with 1M rows)

  • The model trained on MindsDB is way worse. It had r-squared of 0.46 (CatBoost=0.58)

    To me it seems that they are a plugin which connects ClickHouse to MySQL to run the model in Pytorch.

    It’s too complex and hard to debug and understand. The resulting model is not good enough.

    TLDR: Easy to use (if bugs are ignored), too slow to train & produces a bad model.