Error handling

Pre 21.6

There are couple options:

Certain formats which has schema in built in them (like JSONEachRow) could silently skip any unexpected fields after enabling setting input_format_skip_unknown_fields

It’s also possible to skip up to N malformed messages for each block, with used setting kafka_skip_broken_messages but it’s also does not support all possible formats.

After 21.6

It’s possible to stream messages which could not be parsed, this behavior could be enabled via setting: kafka_handle_error_mode='stream' and clickhouse wil write error and message from Kafka itself to two new virtual columns: _error, _raw_message.

So you can create another Materialized View which would collect to a separate table all errors happening while parsing with all important information like offset and content of message.

CREATE TABLE default.kafka_engine
    `i` Int64,
    `s` String
ENGINE = Kafka
SETTINGS kafka_broker_list = 'kafka:9092'
kafka_topic_list = 'topic',
kafka_group_name = 'clickhouse',
kafka_format = 'JSONEachRow',

CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW default.kafka_errors
    `topic` String,
    `partition` Int64,
    `offset` Int64,
    `raw` String,
    `error` String
ENGINE = MergeTree
ORDER BY (topic, partition, offset)
SETTINGS index_granularity = 8192 AS
    _topic AS topic,
    _partition AS partition,
    _offset AS offset,
    _raw_message AS raw,
    _error AS error
FROM default.kafka_engine
WHERE length(_error) > 0

Table connections