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About Offset Consuming

When a consumer joins the consumer group, the broker will check if it has a commited offset. If that is the case, then it will start from the latest offset. Both ClickHouse and librdKafka documentation state that the default value for auto_offset_reset is largest (or latest in new Kafka versions) but it is not, if the consumer is new:

 conf.set("auto.offset.reset", "earliest");     // If no offset stored for this group, read all messages from the start

If there is no offset stored or it is out of range, for that particular consumer group, the consumer will start consuming from the beginning (earliest), and if there is some offset stored then it should use the latest. The log retention policy influences which offset values correspond to the earliest and latest configurations. Consider a scenario where a topic has a retention policy set to 1 hour. Initially, you produce 5 messages, and then, after an hour, you publish 5 more messages. In this case, the latest offset will remain unchanged from the previous example. However, due to Kafka removing the earlier messages, the earliest available offset will not be 0; instead, it will be 5.