Kafka main parsing loop

One of the threads from scheduled_pool (pre 20.9) / background_message_broker_schedule_pool (after 20.9) do that in infinite loop:

  1. Batch poll (time limit: kafka_poll_timeout_ms 500ms, messages limit: kafka_poll_max_batch_size 65536)
  2. Parse messages.
  3. If we don’t have enough data (rows limit: kafka_max_block_size 1048576) or time limit reached (kafka_flush_interval_ms 7500ms) - continue polling (goto p.1)
  4. Write a collected block of data to MV
  5. Do commit (commit after write = at-least-once).

On any error, during that process, Kafka client is restarted (leading to rebalancing - leave the group and get back in few seconds).

Kafka batching

Important settings

These usually should not be adjusted:

  • kafka_poll_max_batch_size = max_block_size (65536)
  • kafka_poll_timeout_ms = stream_poll_timeout_ms (500ms)

You may want to adjust those depending on your scenario:

  • kafka_flush_interval_ms = stream_poll_timeout_ms (7500ms)
  • kafka_max_block_size = max_insert_block_size / kafka_num_consumers (for the single consumer: 1048576)

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