Google S3 (GCS)

“Google S3 GCS”

GCS with the table function - seems to work correctly for simple scenarios.

Essentially you can follow the steps from the Migrating from Amazon S3 to Cloud Storage.

  1. Set up a GCS bucket.
  2. This bucket must be set as part of the default project for the account. This configuration can be found in settings -> interoperability.
  3. Generate a HMAC key for the account, can be done in settings -> interoperability, in the section for user account access keys.
  4. In ClickHouse, replace the S3 bucket endpoint with the GCS bucket endpoint This must be done with the path-style GCS endpoint:
  5. Replace the aws access key id and aws secret access key with the corresponding parts of the HMAC key.

s3 Disk on the top of GCS and writing to GSC may be NOT working because GCS don’t support some of bulk S3 API calls, see